agglutination in Scandinavian languages, etc.

manaster at manaster at
Sat Jan 30 11:01:09 UTC 1999

I do not see how this list can flourish if it becomes
a place in which people get a remedial education in
historical linguistics.  I am impressed that there
are people, like Larry and Carol, who have the energy
to undertake this thankless job, but I for one would like
to have a list where issues of Indo-European historical
linguistics could be discussed instead.  And I don't
think that there is another one besides this one(:-).

So, please, can we switch to talking about IE, a novel
idea for a list devoted to IE I know, but still...

[ Moderator's response:
  An occasional refresher in the basics of historical linguistics is called for
  from time to time, but I am calling a halt to the long discussions of method
  which have swamped this list for the last week.  For those who wish to pursue
  them further, Mark Hubey has a mailing list on which they are on-topic, at
  language-list at
  --rma ]

Speaking of which, does anybody have a handy list of
clear examples showing what happens to PIE *-tn- and *-dn-
in Slavic?  The bigger the list, the better.


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