Gmc. *fugla- (was: Non-IE words in Gmc.)

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Fri Jan 29 10:46:23 UTC 1999

Rick Mc Callister's _very_ nice list of Germanic words in search
of an (IE?, Semitic?, "Atlantic"? ...) etymology reminds me of a
poem by the celebrated Austrian poeta doctus Raoul Schrott from
his recent anthology _Tropen_, in which he talks about a solitary
bird, who is just as lonesome as the German word _Vogel_, "which
has no etymology". This probably refers to the treatment of the
word in standard dictionaries like Pokorny, Pfeifer et al., Kluge
etc., where dissimilation from *flugla- or the connection with
Lith. pau~ks^tis, Latv. puty'tis, OCSl p6tica (< IE *po:u-, *pu[:]-,
"little, small" --> "small animal") are rightfully rejected. Yet I
am sure  here must have been other suggestions & speculations in
the literature. Any pointers?

Thanks & cheers, Wolfgang

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