Anglo-Saxon conquest

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	The Angles, Saxons et al. arrived by c. 400. For the first 100
years or so, the Angles & Saxons were pretty much bottled up in the SE
[south of the Humber].  The real body blow was when they took Chester,
which I think was around 600. The NE fell pretty soon after that. But even
then, it would take a couple of hundred more years to take the NW & SW.

	Someone who has more precise dates [and facts] can fill us in.

	The point is that by the time the Angles & Saxons moved out of the
SE, the local population had presumibly been acculturated by the Angles &
Saxons and perhaps had even stopped speaking Briton. My guess is that
pretty much the same thing, although probably to a lesser degree, would
have happened when the Anglo-Saxons expanded from Mercia & Wessex. Many of
the "Anglo-Saxons" who moved into these areas were likely accultured
Britons looking for a better life.

	The fact that there were Christians among the Anglo-Saxons when
Augustine arrived suggests that the process of acculturation flowed both

>-- mmmm, most of lowland England was overrun in one or two generations at

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