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	Hattic, Hurrian & Urartian are often said to be N. Caucasian
--which in modern times is almost always found on the north slope and north
of the Caucasus.

	I seem to remember reading that formerly, N Caucasian languages
were spoken even farther to the north. [which obviously doesn't preclude
them having a larger territory to the south as well].

	It's possible that Kartvelian may have divided Hattic et al.
[assuming they are NC] from N. Caucasian and pushed them to the west &
south, perhaps even as far as Greece --where they are some claims that
"pre-Pelasgian" languages may have been from the Caucasus. Kaska --just a
name on the map as far as I know-- has also been claimed as Caucasian.

	I'm not vouching for any of this. So I'll just stand back and let
the rest of you sort it out.


>When you mention North Caucasian specifically going back to
>Indo-Tyrrhenian, are you suggesting a link between the waves of
>"Indo-Tyrrhenian" (damn, that word's hard to spell) and pockets of
>North Caucasian in Anatolia? Are you perhaps suggesting that a North
>Caucasian language had been spreading ahead of these waves and then
>finally got pushed into Anatolia as Indo-Tyrrhenian spread out and
>smothered the areas once North Caucasian? Or do you just mention North
>Caucasian in Anatolia for fun? I could have over-extrapolated as is my

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