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<< > "Peter" is not Aramaic. It represents Greek <Petros>, lit. 'piece of
rock', given by John (1:42) as the translation of <Ke:pha:s>, the nickname
bestowed upon Simon by Jesus. >>

Just a note.  James Joyce called "thou art Peter and upon this rock..." "a
pun in the original Aramaic."  Whatever Joyce meant, there is a question
among Biblical scholars which word Jesus used.  I see here "Along with petra,
petros entered the Hebrew language: Petros was the father of a sage of the
land of Israel, Rabbi Yose ben Petros..."  For a news story discussion, see
Peter might possibly just been called Peter, as Petra may have already become
part of the Aramaic language, and this would appear consistent with the
naming practices in the NT, even nicknames, not being translated.

S. Long

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