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On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 06:57:46PM -0500, David L. White wrote:
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>         Speaking yet more of hinterlands, I would like to know the extent of
> this aspiration thing in Italian, and why, if it is characteristic of Tuscan
> generally, it is not in the standard language, which according to my
> understanding is a recent derivative of Tuscan, Rome having become
> effectively depopulated at at least one point during the Middle Ages.
> (Nothing fails like success:  the Romans created so many subtypes of
> themselves that they exterminated the main branch, with a little help from
> malarial swamps.)

The really bad depopulation of Rome was during the reconquest of Italy
by Belisarius, but the vernacular at this time should probably
still be called a late form of Vulgar Latin.

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