Douglas G. Wilson douglas at
Thu Apr 5 04:49:14 UTC 2001

>>... does Baeda equate to any modern name?

Yes, Bede, although it's not very common. Search the Web for "Bede Smith"
or "Bede Johnson" or "Bede Brown" or "Bede Karl Lackner" [a historian] or ....

Of course some of these "Bede"s may not be actually the same name as the
venerable one. But ...

I think the expression "Saint Bede" will tend to protect the name Bede from
extinction. Probably there is a St. Bede's day (even if unofficial), with
some persons named Bede born thereon? There are St. Bede's colleges in
India, Australia, New Zealand. San Beda College in the Philippines
celebrates its centennial this year. Surely a few proud alumni have named
sons "Bede" or some variant thereof?

The male name Bede appears in some of the "names for your baby" books, with
its old etymology and connection. Surely somebody selected it?

The name also exists as a surname, apparently traceable back to the Old
English given name -- apparently usually spelled "Beed" or "Beade" in
modern times.

-- Doug Wilson

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