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Dear Ernest and IEists:

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> I have a question:

> Has anyone on this list studied the works of Saul Levin, "The Indo-European
> and Semitic Languages?"  And so on.

> He made many astute observations.

> "The phonetic and morphological resemblances of H to G(reek) or S(anskrit)
> make H an aberrant Semitic language."

> "Knowing all too well the fascination that pre-history holds out to us, I
> have hitherto declined to draw from the correspondences between H and G and S
> any genetic inferences beyond the inescapable one that such correspondences
> could not have originated independently and without contact."

> In speaking of the remoteness of Arabic from IE connections, he remarks:

> "Arabic therefore affords little basis for a convincing comparison with the
> IE languages."

> And so on.

Well, I have just completed another 30 pages or so of comments on Bomhard's
Nostratic dictionary at

that show clearly that Arabic consonantal roots and IE roots can be
systematically related through regular correspondences.

Perhaps Levin should read that.


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