American River Names

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Thu Apr 5 14:36:44 UTC 2001

Rick Mc Callister wrote:
> . . . Unless there is proof to the contrary, I'd say that Waco
> is Tejano Spanish <hueco> "spring that pools up from the ground"
> < standard Spanish "hole". There are plenty of names such as the
> redundant "Hueco Tanks". . . .

For whatever it's worth, George R Stewart <Concise Dictionary of American
Place-names> says

	HUECO  In American-Spanish it generally
	has the meaning `water hole, boggy
	place'; so HUECO, New Mexico.  In HUECO
	MOUNTAINS, Texas, it means `notched.'

	WACO  In Texas it is from the Indian
	tribal name, often spelled Hueco.  In
	the Southeast it arises from the Muskogean
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