Stanley Friesen sarima at
Fri Apr 13 23:23:40 UTC 2001

At 10:12 PM 4/9/01 -0500, David L. White wrote:

>> I think this may be a relatively recent change, due to overgrazing by
>> cattle.

>         Maybe, but I doubt it.  Some of those cypresses, out in what was
>Indian country till after the Civil War, are so large that they must be
>several hundred years old, unless cypresses are very fast growing.

If these "cypresses" are in fact the tree I know as the Red Cedar, they are
indeed fast growing, as they are common "weeds" in old abandoned fields
throughout the midwest.  (The Arizona Cypress reaches Texes, but barely,
and only in the vicinity of the Rio Grande).

Linguistically, these names can be rather amusing: the Red Cedar is
actually a juniper!

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