Munda in Early NW India

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Tue Apr 17 09:45:21 UTC 2001

	Isn't Vietnamese a real outlier among Austro-Asiatic?
	If so, then wouldn't Khmer and Austro-Asiatic languages from
Thailand and Burma be more relevant to any argument re: phonology?

>        "Language X" is precisely the (unsolvable) problem.  I would guess
>that it, or its relatives, lie behind the retention of voiced aspirates in
>Indic and the appearance, by fortuitous reanalysis, of voiced aspirates in
>Munda.  But this can never be more than a guess.
>        Retroflexes are not part of the proto-AustroAsiatic sound system.
>(Neither are voiced aspirates.)  I have never heard of them occurring in
>Vietnamese, though I cannot swear that they do not.

>Dr. David L. White

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