Yeshua (WAS: Peter)

Gordon Brown gordonbr at
Wed Apr 25 15:30:58 UTC 2001

Reminds me of another thing I've wondered for quite a while.  What
languages is it likely that Yeshua spoke?

> From: 	Max Dashu[SMTP:maxdashu at LanMinds.Com]
> Sent: 	Thursday, April 19, 2001 9:19 PM

> I dunno about that. Mack's book on the Book of Q states that Galilee
> was a very heterogenous society, so much that it was called Galil
> ha-goyim (i.e., 'of the nations'). With a strong Hellenistic presence.
> And Nazareth was very close to the imperial center Sephoris. I
> personally don't think Yeshua used "Petros" but the idea that he had
> some familiarity with Greek is not really so outlandish.

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