petegray petegray at
Fri Apr 27 15:47:46 UTC 2001

> Thinking about vocalic /r/, I got to wondering:
> do sequences like these occur in Sanskrit?
> rya, krya, #rya, rva, vya, vra


R functions both as a vowel and as a consonant in Sanskrit.   The alphabet
treats the two as entirely distinct, as in the word kartrtvam (BG 5:14) -
the first is written as a consonant, the second as a vowel.   L also
functions as vowel, though much less commonly.  Both vowels have long forms,
although long vocalic l is exceedingly rare.

The sequences:  sthrya, lya, trya, krya, etc are all to be found.   I
couldn't find examples with a a vowel, but with other vowels, how about
(a) One such place is the sandhi form of a word ending in -ri before a word
beginning a-.
       Compare aryudasina (BG 6:9) = ari+udasina.
       and internally:  paryupasate (BG4:25) = pari+upasate
(b) Another such place is the sandhi form of words in -s before a word
beginning y-.
    Compare muner yogam (BG6:3) = munes yogam.


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