Yeshua (WAS: Peter)

petegray petegray at
Fri Apr 27 15:55:44 UTC 2001

>Reminds me of another thing I've wondered for quite a while.  What
>languages is it likely that Yeshua spoke?

Aramaic (the local language), and enough Hebrew for the scriptures (which
were as much heard, as read by eye), and Greek and Latin for survival in
that trading and political climate.

What language did he speak to his followers?   Probably Aramaic.

There are polyglot areas in Europe today where many people will have some
degree of competence in several languages.   The situation back then was not
so unusual.  Consider a pious Jewish family in Flanders, where they may
speak Flemish in the home, use French at work, enjoy Hebrew in the
synagogue, and assist the tourists to part with their money in English.


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