"Men" ??? (was Crimean Gothic)

Gabor Sandi g_sandi at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 10:35:52 UTC 2001

Hello, Cristian.

According to my Orszagh (i.e. the standard Hungarian-English dictionary),
Hungarian 'men' (with accute accented e) is a 'stallion'. This is not in my
own native Budapest vocabulary, but then I truly am a city boy, for whom all
horses are just 'lovak'. I am, however, familiar with the derivative 'menes'
(again with accent on the first e), which I thought meant a herd of horses,
or whatever the collective of horses is in English, but Orszagh claims that
it means a 'studfarm' (the closest Hungarian-French dictionary agrees with
my understanding, and says that it is a 'troupeau de chevaux')

So 'menhus' could mean 'horsemeat', although why wouldn't they just have
said 'lohus'?.

With my best wishes,


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