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Alexey Fuchs alexeyf at
Mon Apr 30 11:54:44 UTC 2001

> There are polyglot areas in Europe today where many people will have some
> degree of competence in several languages.   The situation back then was not
> so unusual.  Consider a pious Jewish family in Flanders, where they may
> speak Flemish in the home, use French at work, enjoy Hebrew in the
> synagogue, and assist the tourists to part with their money in English.

> Peter

	Please receive my apologies for an off-topic question, I just could not
figure out what you meant. How exactly would a contemporary European pious
Jewish family assist the tourists to part with their money?

							Sincerely, A.Fuchs

[ Moderator's note:
  If apologies are necessary, they are mine, for lack of sensitivity.  I am,
  after all, native to the US.

  My own reading of Mr. Gray's comments was that the hypothetical family in
  question would join their equally pious Lutheran and Catholic neighbours in
  assisting the tourists to part with their money, that being the goal of all

  Again, my apologies to any offended readers.
  -- rma ]

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