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Dear Anton and IEists:

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> Ernest Moyer wrote

>>> I find Y'hawa in the Hebrew Pi'el verb table under Hawa = Form or
>>> Mold.  Literally, Y'hawa = "He shall Mold."  Future tense. Some
>>> people believe this is the origin of the Hebrew name for God.

> and Pat Ryan responded in part

>> Then they are rather misguided. The name, avocalicly, is y-h-w-h
>> NOT y-h-w. We do not just drop 'atches' to suit a hypothesis.

> So you reject the obvious assumption that the final `h' is
> merely a mater lectionis?  No comment on the other objections.


No, I am not. I was objecting to dropping it in that particular context.

Actually, I am rather inclined to view the final -h in the short form of the
name (yh-) as a mater lectionis for a long /a:/.

Frankly, it looks to me as if the Hebrews brought Ea/Ia with them from Akkad.
After, al la egyptienne, they started playing with the name to find greater
truths, it got expanded to y-h-w-h, which might have been actually pronounced
/ja:wa:/ but looked like a Hiph'il of h-w-h, thus making a bogus theological


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