Minoan is an IE language?

David Sánchez davius_sanctex at terra.es
Sat Mar 10 12:47:22 UTC 2001

[On the possibily to use chi-2 test to discriminate if two texts are
written in the same language]

It is unnecessary to separate texts it two groups. Chi-2 homogeneity test is
appliable to only just two texts! If texts are of different times in fact the
test can tell us that we are dealing with differente languages, but
linguistically it is the case if differentiation are sufficiently advancend.

Local variations an variation among scribes might difficult the answer.  In
fact statistical test always depart from a "fundamental hypothesis" the text
can refute this hypothesis, but if the data are of bad quality in general the
test will not refute the "fundamental hypothesis", this allow us to accept the
"fundamental hypthesis" as provisional (the time will confirm or refute the
fundamental hypothesis in this case).

The only serious problem is that you mention of a text containing several
different languages (as it is the case in the Hittite archives at Hattusas).
In this case if the proportion of the two languages in the samples is different
the test will fail (and if there are two test this implies that almost always
the test will fail dealing with two-language tests!).

David Sanchez Molina (www.upc.es)
david.sanchez-molina at upc.es

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