Minoan is an IE language?

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Thu Mar 15 05:07:19 UTC 2001

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> On this basis, there appears to be no strong reason to dismiss the notion
> that Linear A at some point was used by "Eteo-Cretans" to write in Semitic
> or

-- except that Linear A is not exclusively a pictographic or logographic
script; like the derived Linear B script, it contains both syllabic and
pictographic elements, and many of the elements are common to both.

The only thing one can say with even a high degree of probability is that
whatever language the Linear A script was designed for wasn't Indo-European,
given the clumsiness of Linear B for that purpose -- despite the fact that it
was specifically intended for Mycenaean Greek.

Therefore it's a safe bet that Linear A was totally unsuitable for writing
Mycenaean and had to be substantially modified to be useable at all, even to
the very limited extent that Linear B achieves.

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