Morphological remodelling

Leo A. Connolly connolly at
Thu Mar 22 03:27:50 UTC 2001

"M.O.McCullagh" wrote:

>  Can anyone on the list think of examples of morphological remodelling
> within a verbal paradigm based on a single ending? The only secure example
> I have been able to come up with is the creation of new middle imperative
> endings in Greek from the basis of the second plural ending -sthe. That
> example seems to me particularly interesting because second plural forms
> are statistically the least frequent of all the personal endings
> (according to Bybee's Morphology). I'd be very interested to hear of
> similar remodellings, inside or outside IE.

The obvious example is the spread of -r in Danish, Swedish, and both
kinds of Norwegian from the (PIE -si > -z -r> into all active
forms of the present.  One could also mention the "middle" in -s, but
that's an old reflexive.

Leo Connolly

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