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<< i would be ever so grateful for direction on the **non**IE substratum of
ancient Greek, and especially Hittite. the only thing i've been able to
find is an old dissertation on nonIE in Greek. i'm looking for phonology,
and typological information.
Dr Vincent DeCaen     <decaen at chass.utoronto.ca> >>

This reply comes courtesy of Tom Palaima on Aegeanet.  Thought the list my be
interested also.

<<Start, very warily, with:
Colin Renfrew, "Word of Minos," Cambridge Archaeological Journal 8:2 (1998)
239-264.  (very full bibliography of worthwhile further readings;
provocative ideas; assessing material evidence and evidence of
reconstructed languages; please note in bibliography my first initial
should be T. not P.)

Then go immediately to:
D.A. Hester,  "Recent developments in Mediterranean <<Substrate>> Studies,"
Minos 9:2 (1968) 219-235.
         "'Pelasgian': A New Indo-European Language?"  Lingua 13 (1965)
         "Methods of Identifying Loan-Word Strata in Greek," Lingua 18
(1967) 168-178.

Then try M. Lejeune, "Linguistique Prehellenique," Revue des Etudes
Anciennes 49 (1947) 25-37.

That all should give you a good and sensible idea of the problems and enable
you to plunge into further readings with some real foundation.

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