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Dear Phil and IEists:

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> I am a fiction writer.  People wonder where I get my plots, and volunteer
> plot devices of their own, as if this were the trickiest part of writing, not
> the easiest.  Likewise, I suspect that for linguists and archeologists,
> making hypotheses is the easiest part of their work.  They don't need
> amateurs coming up with speculations we don't know how to develop.


> A companion to this hypothesis is that the Anatolians brought with them not
> just fermented milk products, but the whole idea of fermentation/leavening,
> almost immediately applied to beer and later to bread.  Is there evidence for
> beer in Sumer or Egypt prior to the mid-3rd millennium bce?  (Linguistic or
> otherwise?)  I'm given to understand that there is, and that this companion
> hypothesis fails.



For what it may be worth in this context, I am convinced that the Egyptian word
for 'beer', Hnq.t, came to life as a cognate of IE *k{e}n6kó-, and designated
'mead' originally.


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