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	Mozarabic, said to be from (seomthing like) Arabic wadi "valley" +
Mozarabic lup, lupe < Latin lupus
	Medina, of course, is Arabic for "town"
	BTW: Don't forget Austin's Colorado River
	I've also seen Spanish language maps with the Red River as "Ri/o
Rojo" but I don't know if this was the original form or just a translation
	Which begs another question:
Spanish rojo vs, colorado for "red"
	Why are some things <rojo> and other things <colorado>?
	A chile is <rojo> if it's matured to that point. But a <chile
colorado> is a specific type of chile. Which suggests that --at some
level-- rojo is for anything that happens to be "red" but colorado for
something that is "naturally red." But this isn't always the case. Any

>        It appears, on further examination, that "Guadalupe" should be added
>to my maybe list of Spanish river names in Texas.  Perhaps "Frio" and
>"Medina" (go figure) can take its place.

>Dr. David L. White

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