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Thu Mar 29 09:23:59 UTC 2001

I have a question:

Has anyone on this list studied the works of Saul Levin, "The Indo-European and
Semitic Languages?"  And so on.

He made many astute observations.

"The phonetic and morphological resemblances of H to G(reek) or S(anskrit) make
H an aberrant Semitic language."

"Knowing all too well the fascination that pre-history holds out to us, I have
hitherto declined to draw from the correspondences between H and G and S any
genetic inferences beyond the inescapable one that such correspondences could
not have originated independently and without contact."

In speaking of the remoteness of Arabic from IE connections, he remarks:

"Arabic therefore affords little basis for a convincing comparison with the IE

And so on.


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