Lactose Intolerance

philjennings at philjennings at
Fri Mar 30 22:48:56 UTC 2001

Thanks all for your interesting and informative responses (as my theories go
down in flames.)  The Epic of Cheese apparently goes back all the way to the
neolithic and early neolithic at that.  I will look elsewhere for reasons why
the doughty Indo-Anatolians were able to prevail against the Khirbet Kerak
folk, if indeed that's what happened.

For what it's worth I was clear and not muddled about the distinction between
total lactose tolerance, and the earlier use of milk products by the lactose
intolerant.  I did, however, naively imply that a hundred Swedes could beat up
a hundred Frenchmen, which, if they did, not everyone would attribute to
greater Swedish lactose tolerance.

Likewise, I've been careful not to claim that all the lactose-tolerant
populations of the world are related.  The great IE glory ride, if ever such it
was, was hardly all-compassing.  Renfrew parsed it into a series of smaller
glory rides, and explained some of them as due to the discovery of the nomad
life-style.  As he located the Anatolians in situ in Anatolia, he had no need
to explain their expansion.  I was trying to do so in my prior email, without
getting into theories of mere natural superiority over the Khirbet Kerak
.people.  But whatever I'm looking for, lies elsewhere.

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