International Seminar on Lesser Used Languages (SILM)

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Tue Apr 9 19:34:04 UTC 2002

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Valencia city (Spain) April 9  2002

Distinguished Sir,

Some months ago we sent you information about the Valencian language. Now
we have the pleasure to present you the International Seminar on Lesser
Used Languages (SILM). One of the core institutions promoting this
minority language, the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture (RACV), together
with the Valencian Language Writer's Association (AELLVA) is arranging the
International Seminar on Lesser Used Languages (SILM) to be hold in
Valencia City (Spain) next July 11th to 12th. This first edition of the
Seminar will be devoted to Lesser Used Languages in the European Union. We
hope this information will be interesting to the linguisticals resources
of your organisation and/or for close updates of your web site.

We invite you to visit the SILM's web site for details and encourage you to attend the
event or to take part in the scientific proceedings by sending a letter or
a paper. To contact with the SILM Staff please mail to: silm at

 We expect you in Valencia!. Many thanks for your attention and

Joan Pau Merita (Valencia city-Spain) Collaborator of PNP, Platform of the
Valencian language

PS. To see the Valencian language links please visit: or search by "Valencian
language" on Google site.

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