History of language planning research

Terrence Wiley twiley at asu.edu
Tue Dec 10 05:06:31 UTC 2002

Wiley, T.G. (1999). Comparative historical perspectives in the analysis of
U.S. language polices.  In T. Heubner, & C. Davis (Eds.), Political
perspectives on language planning and language policy, pp. 17-37.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Wiley, T.G. (2000). Continuity and change in the function of language
ideologies in the United States. In T. Ricento (Ed.), Ideology, politics,
and language policies:  Focus on English, pp. 67-85.  Lawrence Erlbaum,
Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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Subject: History of language planning research

> Hello,
> I am a Phd-student working on language policy and planning in Belgium.
> Could anyone help me find (recent) articles dealing with the history of
> language planning research / language planning as a discipline?
> Thanks in advance!
> Jetje de Groof
> Vrije Universiteit, Brussels
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