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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 18:16:12 +1000
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Subject: Summary of my query: Textbook for a language planning & policy

Dear Linguists,

On May 25 I posted a query asking for recommendations which textbook to
for a language planning and language policy class which I had to teach for
the first time.

The following collegues sent valuable information (listed in alphabetical
E. Aito
E. Diaz Couder C.
S. Dogancay-Aktuna
A. F. Gupta
R. Hallett
M. Hoffmann
M. Hutz
J.-E. Jahn
B. Jernudd
H. Koch
T. McClive
F. Pfalzgraf
M. Ronkin
A. Sarhimaa
H. Schiffman
S. Tulloch
G. Zuckermann

Thanks very much to all!

The amount of information which I received would be by far too much for
this summary as I did not only receive information about suitable
textbooks for a language planning and language policy class, but also a
lot of other good information as for further readings for the class (list
of references, webpages,etc.).

As for the textbook, the recommendations basically came down to the
following 6 titles (listed in alphabetical order):

- Ager, Dennis, 2001, Motivation in Language Planning and Language Policy
- Calvet, Louis-Jean, 1998, Language Wars and Linguistic Politics
- Cooper, Robert L., 1989, Language Planning and Social Change
- Eastman, Carol M., 1983, Language Planning: An Introduction
- Kaplan, Robert B., and Richard B. Baldauf Jr., 1997, Language Planning:
	From Theory to Practice
- Schiffman, Harold F., 1996, Linguistic Culture and Language Policy

I went for the Ager book as I think it is most appropriate for an
introductory class in language planning and language policy. Ager
successfully introduces the reader to lp & lp and, at the same time,
encourages the reader always to look for the main motives behind lp & lp.
After having worked with this book during the last semester I can highly
recommend it for such a class and would definitvely use it again, if I had
to teach the same class again.

I hope that this information is useful and I would be happy to offer any
additional help to those who have any further questions. My thanks again
those who helped me, and I hope this in turn helps others.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2003!

Kind regards

Elke Stracke
Australian National University, Canberra

Dr. Elke Stracke
School of Language Studies
Faculty of Arts
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Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200

phone:  +61-2-6125-2894 (w); +61-6249-6161(h)

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