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Title: Learners' Experiences of Immersion Education
Subtitle: Case studies of French & Chinese
Series Title: Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

Publication Year: 2002

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

Author: Michele de Courcy

Hardback: ISBN: 1853595616, Pages: 162, Price: US$74.95
Paperback: ISBN: 1853595608, Pages: 162, Price: US$29.95


This book has much to excite the SLA researcher and the second language
teacher.The interlingual comparison makes the study of second language
reading and writing acquisition especially meaningful. The students
themselves take on a central role as individuals rather than just as
statistics or categories. Professor Michael Clyne, University of
Melbourne, Australia.

This book has the merit of redressing the balance of quantitative research
carried out on immersion programmes in favour of a definitely qualitative
approach. It is revealing of such classroom practices as codeswitching and
translation, which have been frowned upon, in official pronouncements on
language use in these types of programmes. The author has made use of a
wide range of data sources which she has combined well to provide
convincing evidence for the classroom phenomena under study. Dr.
Anne-Marie de Meja, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

DESCRIPTION This book, which follows the progress of two groups of
learners in late immersion programs aims to add to the literature on
immersion programs by its emphasis on the processes of learning in such
programs.  Another aim of the book is to extend our knowledge of learning
processes in character-based languages.

CONTENTS 1. Language Learning in Immersion Programs; 2. How and where the
research was done; 3. Learners' Responses to the Learning Context; 4.
Language Learning Experiences; 5. Reading and Writing; 6. Language
Learning Process and Strategies; 7. Discussion and Conclusion

AUTHOR INFORMATION Michle de Courcy is a senior lecturer in language
education at La Trobe University, in Australia. Her research, teaching and
publications centre on bilingualism with an emphasis on second language
acquisition processes and content-based language instruction. Recent
research projects have involved evaluations of French and Indonesian early
immersion programs in Victoria.

Lingfield(s): Sociolinguistics

Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin (Language code: CHN),
French (Language code: FRN)

Title: An Introductory Reader to the Writings of Jim Cummins
Series Title: Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

Publication Year: 2001

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

Editor: Colin  Baker
Editor: Nancy H. Hornberger

Hardback: ISBN: 1853594768, Pages: 350, Price: 49.95/US$74.95/CAN$99.95
Paperback: ISBN: 185359475X, Pages: 350, Price: 19.95/US$29.95/CAN$39.95


DESCRIPTION The contribution of Jim Cummins to Bilingualism and Bilingual
Education has been substantial and profound. The Reader provides a
comprehensive compilation of his most important and influential texts. The
book also provides a detailed biographical introduction and a commentary
on the growth of ideas over three decades.

CONTENTS Introductory Chapter

SECTION I: The 1970s

1. (1973) A Theoretical Perspective on the Relationship between
Bilingualism and Thought

2. (1976) The Influence of Bilingualism on Cognitive Growth

3. (1978) Immersion Programmes: The Irish Experience

4. (1979) Linguistic Interdependence and the Educational Development of
Bilingual Children

5. (1979, 1983) Research Findings from French Immersion Programs across

SECTION II: The 1980s 6.  (1980) The Entry and Exit Fallacy in Bilingual

7.  (1982) Tests, Achievement, and Bilingual Students

8.  (1984) Learning Difficulties in EurooeImmersionEuro Programmes

9.  (1986) Empowering Minority Students: A Framework for Intervention

10. (1986) Psychological Assessment of Minority Students

11. (1988) From the Inner City to the Global Village: The Microcomputer as
a Catalyst for Collaborative Learning and Cultural Interchange

12. (1988) From Multicultural to Anti-racist Education

13. (1988) The Role and Use of Educational Theory in Formulating Language

SECTION III: The 1990s

14. (1992) Heritage Language Teaching in Canadian Schools

15. (1992) Empowerment through Biliteracy

16. (1996) Multicultural Education and Technology: Promise and Pitfalls

17. (1996) Babel Babble: Refraiming the Discourse of Diversity

18. (1997) Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Education: A Mainstream

19. (1999) Alternative Paradigms in Bilingual Education Research

EDITOR INFORMATION Colin BAKER is a Professor of Education in the School
of Education at the University of Wales at Bangor and Nancy H. HORNBERGER
is Professor of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  Both have
researched and published widely in the area of bilingualism,
sociolinguistics and education. They are the editors of this Series.

Lingfield(s): Sociolinguistics

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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