New book: Minority Languages in Eastern Europe Post-1989

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Title: Language, Ethnicity and The State
Subtitle: Volume 2: Minority Languages in Eastern Europe Post-1989

Publication Year: 2001 Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Editor: Camille C. O'Reilly

Hardback: ISBN: 0333929241, Pages: 240, Price: $47.50


The political and social upheavals following 1989 have had a significant
impact on the minority languages of Eastern Europe. There have been
attempts at enlightened treatment of minority linguistic groups in some of
the new states but in others such groups have been openly oppressed. This
volume draws on sociologically and ethnographically oriented work from a
number of disciplines to allow the reader to compare developments in the
different states, and to examine the interplay of language issues, ethnic
nationalism, and processes of state formation and restructuring in the
various political and historical contexts of Central and Eastern Europe.
A companion volume (0-333-92925-X) examines the status of minority
languages in the European Union.


List of Tables
Notes on the Contributors
Introduction; Minority, Languages, Ethnicity and the State in
  Post-1989 Eastern Europe; C. O'Reilly
Language, Nationalism and the Yugoslav Successor States; R.Greenberg
Debating Language: The Bulgarian Communities in Romania after 1989; R.
>>From Irredentism to Constructive Reconciliation? Germany and its
  Minorities in Poland and the Czech Republic; S.Wolff
Language Ideology and Language Conflict in Post-Soviet Belarus;
The Politics of Language in Moldova; T.Hegarty
Ethnic Discrimination in Latvia; J.Dobson
Language, Nation and State-building in Ukraine: The Jewish Response;


CAMILLE O. REILLY is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at Richmond,
the American International University in London. She is the author of
The Irish Language in Northern Ireland: The Politics and Culture of
Identity and of many articles on nationalism, the Irish language and
Northern Ireland.

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