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I have located an article by David Corson entitled Critical Language
Awareness and the Schools, Vox 2, 1989, pp 53-63 in which there is an
extensive discussion of Bourdieu's cultural capital as a prelude to a
discussion about critical language awareness, cites Bourdieu and Passeron,
1977, Reproduction...LA: Sage; and Bourdieu 1977, Outline of Theory and
Practice, CUP.  I can't locate an exact quote along the lines requested,
will look up some other issues as well, but not today. regards, joe

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Wow!  This Linguist List really works!  It was in "Vox", maybe issue # 4.
Actually, I was thinking it was probably the mid '90's, not '80's.  I read
it the summer of 1996 in "Vox".

Thank you very much for your willingness to help,

Stan Anonby

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