types of diglossia/bilingualism/multilingualism

Survey Coordinator Brazil survey_coord_brazil at sil.org
Wed Apr 16 17:55:33 UTC 2003

Hi Christina,

Good points, again.  I guess we're talking about language ecology?  In my
job in Brazil, I just want to be able to predict how long these Indian
languages are going to last in the face of Portuguese.  From what I've seen
so far, the rate of shift in Brazil is very rapid.  You've said that I
basically have only one variable here - isolation.  Mostly that's true.
However, the internal dynamics of each tribe is different, and that's where
the bilingualism/diglossia comes in.

I'm relieved you believe Quebec laws et. al. are strong enough to conteract
any threat of bilingualism without diglossia for the next 500 years.  One
less thing to worry about.


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