Quebec Seeks to Ease Divisiveness

Alkistis Fleischer fleischa at
Thu Apr 17 19:20:18 UTC 2003

Why is it "stubborn" to speak your own language (French for Francophones in
Quebec) in a mainly Francophone society?
And what does the "gloire de la France" have to do with it?

Alkistis Fleischer

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> Maybe in 500 years; but it has got territory and laws to support it as
> as la gloire de la France and stubborn speakers. Christina
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> > Interesting - I've just surveyed a creole in northern Brazil.  We had a
> > Martiniquan and an St. Lucian along.  I think the creoles illustrate
> > what Fishman talks about with the idea of domains.  Likely the reason
> > creoles survived so long was because is was pretty clear which language
> > used by whom, where.  I think this Quebec article is hailing
> > without diglossia, which could be a harbinger of language shift.
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> > Stan Anonby
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