Quebec Seeks to Ease Divisiveness

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Fri Apr 18 00:24:40 UTC 2003

Maybe "stubborn" refers to the fact that French in Quebec strongly consider
their language a core part of their identity.  Some other (less stubborn)
groups, feel they can keep their identity without their language.  Other
less stubborn groups don't care all that much about keeping their identity
at all.

As far as la glorie de la France, well, members of groups that retain their
language and identity for longer than expected often carry around inside
them a strong sense of a glorious past.  I think that's true for Quebecois,
but I don't know that they look so much to France's glory.  Not a whole lot
of mutual love and admiration between France and Quebec.  Quebec's licence
plates "je me souvien", certainly seem to show that they look back at a
glorious past, though.  Being from English Canada, I'm not sure just what
the Quebecois are remembering.  I think they're talking about a glorious
past before the Plains of Abraham?

Stan Anonby

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