New book: Peripheral Identities in the Iberian Context

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Fri Jan 24 13:51:33 UTC 2003

 Peripheral Identities in the Iberian Context

We are delighted to announce the recent publication of a special issue of
the journal 'National Identities' (4/3, 2002) containing a selection of
proceedings from the 'Peripheral Identities in the Iberian Context'
conference held in Lancaster in March 2001.


Editorial (F. Barberà and K. Crameri)

'The Smooth Transition: Spain's 1978 Constitution and the Nationalities
Question' (Daniele Conversi)

'Discourses of Identity at the Spanish/Portuguese Border: Self-
Identification Strategies of Centre and Periphery' (Sandi Michele de

'Galician Language Planning and Implications for Regional Identity:
Restoration or Elimination?' (Jaine Beswick)

'When Does Language Become Exclusivist?  Linguistic Politics in Catalonia'
(Elisa Roller)

'Ambiguous "Culture": Contrasting Interpretations of the Basque Film "Ama
Lur" and the Relationship Between Centre and Periphery in Franco's Spain'
(Amaia Lamikiz)

Happy New Year to you all!

Kathryn Crameri and Frederic Barberà

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