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LPRU Website Update: January 2003

Please note the following updates and additions to the LPRU website since
our last announcement:

1. New Policy Brief:  

Bilingual Arizona: Press 1 To Continue In English, Para Progresar Oprima El

Josué M. González


The phenomenal growth in the number of Spanish speakers and their purchasing
power has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the private and public sectors'
efforts to adapt to more Spanish-speaking customers and clients are shifting
communication from just English only to people's language of choice ...

2. New! - Demographic Data 

Tables and Charts on Language Diversity in United States and in the State of
Arizona. Complied from the latest U.S. Census data and the U.S. Department
of Education, Common Core of Data (CDC).  (Click on Demographic Data from
the home page)

3. Updated! Over 100 newspaper articles from the world press have been
added. (Click on News Archives from home page)

4. Updated! Web pages for the Journal of Language, Identity, and Education
(JLIE) now include links to a free sample issue, contents for each published
issue, submission guidelines, and information on the "Best New Journal"
award, awarded to JLIE by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. 

Recent LPRU Activities:

NABE Language Policy SIG

LPRU is co-sponsoring the upcoming Language Policy Special Interest Group
session at the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) in New
Orleans. The Language Policy SIG will present a panel titled, "Language
Policy in the Unz States: A Focus on California, Arizona, Massachusetts, and
Colorado."  Panelists include Eugene Garcia, Josué M. González, Roger Rice,
Kathy Escamilla, Patricia Loera. The session was organized by Kate Menken,
chair, and Wayne E. Wright, Vice-Chair. Portions of the session will be made
available on the LPRU website. LPRU is also sponsoring a listserv for NABE
Language Policy SIG. 

4th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB4)

The 4th International Symposium on Bilingualism will be held April 29-May 2,
2003 at Arizona State University. This conference, chaired by Jeff MacSwan
(LPRU Board Member), features over 500 presentations from leading bilingual
scholars representing 55 countries. (see  <http://isb4.asu.edu/>
http://isb4.asu.edu/ for more information).

ASU Associate Dean for Teacher Education, Carlos Ovando (and LPRU Board
Member), and LPRU Director Terrence G. Wiley have organized three panels
titled "Global Policy Challenges and Prospects for Bilingual Education"
comprised of international experts on Language Policy.  Invited panelists
include: Stephen May, Tracey Derwing, John Harris, Kathleen Heugh, Nancy
Hornberger, Bernard Spolksy, Colin Baker, Reynaldo Macias, Wayne E. Wright,
J. David Ramirez, Harold Schiffman, Josué M. González, Juliet Langman,
Terrence G. Wiley, and Carlos Ovando. Portions of these panels will also be
made available on the LPRU website.


The Language Policy Research Unit (LPRU), under the direction of Dr.
Terrence G. Wiley, with assistance from Wayne E. Wright, promotes research
and policy analysis on the challenges and opportunities posed by national
and global multilingualism. LPRU priorities include: a) interdisciplinary
studies to promote equitable language policies in education and society; b)
demographic studies with policy implications for language rights and
preservation; c) historical and contemporary studies on language contact,
conflict, and minority language accommodation and promotion; and d) media,
legal and legislative analyses to inform public discourse and policy making
in state, national, and international contexts. 

The Education Policy Studies Laboratory (EPSL) at Arizona State University
offers high quality analyses of national education policy issues and
provides an analytical resource for educators, journalists, and citizens.
It includes the Commercialism in Education Research Unit (CERU), the
Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA), the Education Policy Reports
Project (EPRP), the Education Policy Research Unit (EPRU), and the Language
Policy Research Unit (LPRU). The EPSL is directed by ASU Professor Alex

Visit the EPSL website at  www.edpolicylab.org <http://www.edpolicylab.org> 
Visit the LPRU Website at  www.language-policy.org
LPRUlist at asu.edu <mailto:LPRUlist at asu.edu> 

Wayne E. Wright 
Senior Researcher 
Language Policy Research Unit 
Education Policy Studies Laboratory 
Arizona State University 
www.language-policy.org <http://www.language-policy.org>  


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