Searching the Archives

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Thu Jul 3 14:28:51 UTC 2003

Members of this list may be interested in searching the "archives" of this
list, and/or also the archives of other listservs that are all archived
together on Linguist-List.  You can get to this by starting at our
homepage and clicking on LISTSERV and then scrolling down to the line that
starts with "For messages sent after January 16, 2002, messages will be
archived at Linguist-List as part of the archiving system maintained by
Linguist-List"  Click on that link and you are taken to the general list
or archived lists.

In particular there have been some interesting discussions on
Linguist-List and on the LING-ANTH list recently about differential
amounts of "brain power" needed to learn and/or process Chinese vs.
English (or Japanese, or Yoruba) as well as some other issues that have
received discussion, especially an article in the New York Times about the
preservation of endangered languages.


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