for review

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Mon Jul 14 13:29:10 UTC 2003

Joe Lo Bianco of Language Australia would like to publicize the existence
of some of their publications, and would like to have someone review them
and publish the reviews on our listserv.  He will send a copy to whoever
is willing to do reviews.  His email address is
joe.lobianco at . PDF versions of these (in some
cases these are the title and table of contents pages) are located on our
website at the following addresses:

1.  Voices from Phnom Penh:  Development and Language, located at

2.  Australian Policy Activism in Language and Literacy, located at

3.  Teaching Invisible Culture: Classroom Practice and Theory, located at

If you are interested in writing a review of any of these, please respond
directly to Joe at joe.lobianco at, not to the
whole list!


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