TOC, Int J of Bilingual Edu & Bilingualism, 6/2

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Tue Jul 29 13:39:22 UTC 2003

 International Journal of Bilingual education & Bilingualism, 6/2 (2003)

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

Main text:

Jinny K. Choi: Language Attitudes and the Future of Bilingualism:
The Case of Paraguay

ZhaoHong Han: Fossilisation: From Simplicity to Complexity

Rhona K.M. Smith: Mother Tongue Education and the Law:
A Legal Review of Bilingualism with Reference to Scottish Gaelic

Book Reviews

Language Use in Interlingual Families: A Japanese-English
Sociolinguistic Study

Invisible Work: Bilingualism, Language Choice and Childrearing in
Intermarried Families

Identity and the Young English Language Learner Transformations:
Meaning Making in Nursery Education

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