Symposium on Intercultural Communication

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Tue Jun 3 20:51:46 UTC 2003

The Linguistics Department of the  Gothenburg University would like to
invite the community leaders  of TESOL to participate in our 10th NIC
Symposium on Intercultural  Communication.   You are welcome to circulate
this  information to all other colleagues within the TESOL organisation who
may be interested in participating in this symposium. The details and
information of the symposium may be found below.  Thank you and we look
forward to your  being in Gothenburg this November.    Cordially,  Cheryl
M. Cordeiro Conference Co-ordinator Gothenburg University,  Sweden.

The 10th NIC  Symposium on Intercultural Communication
November 20-22, 2003 Göteborg,  Sweden

Hosted by The Department of Linguistics and  SSKKII,  Göteborg  University

The  conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary
backgrounds and to  promote cooperation between researchers and
practitioners interested in  intercultural communication .

Conference  themes:

1. ICC at  work: health care, school, business, etc
2. Values  in Multicultural society
3. ICC and  Ethics
4. ICC and  the Internet
5. Political Rhetoric
6. Intercultural  Conflict Handling
7. ICC and  media

1. Spoken language and ICC
2. Intercultural  Business Communication
3. Educational Aspects of ICC
4. ICC and  Nonverbal Communication
5. ICC and Sign-Language
6. Immigration and ICC
7. Managing  Cultural diversity

Keynote speakers will  include:

Zigmund  Bauman, Professor Emeritus, Universities of Leeds, UK and
Warsaw,  Poland

Liisa-Saalo  Lii,, Professor, University of Juväskula

Iben  Jensen, Lektor.

Call for  papers

Proposals  are invited for individual papers, workshops, panel discussions
and colloquia.  To get to know more about the conference and submit your
abstract of no more that 250 words online visit our website at:


Please address any queries to nic2003 at

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