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Welcome to the Educational Linguistics Listserv (Edling-L).  The purpose
of Edling-L is to provide an international forum for students, faculty,
and practitioners to discuss research, current issues, and trends in
educational linguistics.  The scope of educational linguistics has been
seen variously as the interface of linguistics and education, as the
interdisciplinary study of language in education, and more recently as an
ecological transdisciplinary approach to language-related issues in
educational settings (Hornberger, 2001; Leather & van Dam, 2003; Spolsky,
1978; Stubbs, 1986; van Lier, 1994).  With this in mind, Edling-L serves
as a venue for open discussion among all scholars studying language
issues in both formal and informal education, regardless of how they
theorize educational linguistics.

Edling-L members are encouraged to engage in lively conversation on
research ideas and concerns in addition to sharing information about
upcoming conferences and research meetings, calls for papers, publication
releases, research resources, bibliographic information, stories of
language in education from popular media, and other matters of interest.

Please note the following guidelines and caveats:
1. Edling-L subscription is not automated.  To be added or removed from
the list, send an e-mail with your request to: pennelf at .

2. Please do not send attachments with postings.  Use links to direct
members to online sources when possible.

3. Please sign all postings.  Edling-L encourages open dialogue.

4. There is no archive for Edling-L postings.

5. For future reference, the information in this e-mail can also be found

6. Send questions and comments about Edling-L to Francis Hult:
fmhult at .

Edling-L is hosted by the Educational Linguistics Forum at the University
of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Language in Education
Division.  The Educational Linguistics Forum is a student research group
devoted to supporting and promoting research in the transdisciplinary
field of educational linguistics.  For more information go to .

Enjoy the list!

Hornberger, N.H.  (2001).  Educational Linguistics as a Field: A View
from Penn's Program on the Occasion of its 25th Anniversary. Working
Papers in Educational Linguistics 17 (1-2): 1-26.

Leather, J. & van Dam, J.  (2003).  Ecology of Language Acquisition.
London: Kluwer.

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MA: Newbury House.

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van Lier, L.  (1994).  Educational linguistics: Field and project. In J.
Alatis (Ed.) Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and
Linguistics 1994 (pp.199-209). Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

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