Fading species and dying tongues (NYT)

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Thu Jun 12 16:35:11 UTC 2003

Some members of this list were concerned that the New York Times article
(above) didn't get responded to, or that the responses weren't
coordinated.  Language Policy list members maybe interested to know that
Kerim Friedman <kerim.list at oxus.net>, who is on another list I'm on
(ling-anth) has listed all the responses people made to the New York Times
article on dying languages, on his "blog", at:


Some responses to the Times were also published, but they don't publish
long letters, so there wasn't much that could be said.  Those responses
are also on Kerim's blog (I think).


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