Arabic Cheat Sheet

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Wed Mar 12 14:32:45 UTC 2003

>>From the Philadelphia Enquirer, Posted on Fri, Mar. 07, 2003

A Soldier's Iraqi Cheat Sheet

Soldiers going through training at Fort Dix are taught about the Arab
culture and given a laminated "Iraqi Command & Control Card" with
potentially useful phrases. Here is a sampling from the cheat sheet.

English			Arabic

We are Americans   Ih-na amerikan

Do you speak English?   Tehchee inglizi?

Lower your hands   Nezlu aidkum

Drop your weapons   Dhibu eslahkum

Hands up   Erfa-u aidkum

Come here   Ta-aal hena

Do not resist   La tegawem

Speak slowly   Eh-chi ala kayfek

No talking   La teh-chi

Surrender   Sel-lem nefsek

Calm down   Ala kayfek ih-de

Form a line   Awkfu bisirra

Lie on your stomach   Namu a-algaa ala batankum

Where are you injured?   Wayn jarhtek?

Who is in charge?   Minu almes-ul?

Food   Ak-el

Danger   Khatar

Medicine   Dua

Weapon   Is-lah

Mines   Algam

Stop   Awgfu

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