Sixth International Conference on Language and Development

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           Sixth International Conference on Language and Development
                Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 15-17 October 2003
	Call for Papers:

        	        ABOUT THE CONFERENCE

              Effective communication underpins both individual and
national development as well as international cooperation. For many
developing countries which are multi-ethnic and multi-lingual in character
effective national language policy and planning is also central to
development and modernisation.

              The Sixth International Conference on Language and
Development aims to provide a forum for the discussion of the important
issues related to language policy, language learning and language teaching
in the context of the developing world, from the perspective of policy
makers, language and literacy educators and donors.

              The choice of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, as the
venue for the Conference is particularly apt. Uzbekistan is a country with
a rich ethnic and linguistic mix. For Uzbekistan and indeed for all the
newly established nations in Central Asia language issues are crucial for
their future no less than for their present.

              The conference co-hosts, the Ministry of Higher and
Specialised Secondary Education of Uzbekistan and the British Council,
warmly invite you to participate in the Tashkent Conference in October
2003. We hope the Conference will not only give you a valuable opportunity
to meet and exchange views with academics and other professionals from
around the world with a shared interest, but also to experience something
of the special culture and hospitality of Uzbekistan.

              At the moment this website contains only fairly general
information. However, we hope that you will continue to visit the website
as it expands over the coming months so you can keep abreast of updates on
this important conference.  Should you require any specific information
not found within these pages please do not hesitate to contact us.

              Conference history

              The Language and Development Conference series began in
Bangkok in 1993 and was subsequently held in Bali in 1995, Langkawi
(Malaysia) in 1997, Hanoi in 1999 and Phnom Penh in 2001. The conference
has been conducted on a voluntary basis by institutions dealing with a
direct interest in language and development.

              Information on conferences prior to 2001 may be found on the
1999 conference website Information on
the 2001 conference may be found at


              Issues related to the Conference theme will be explored from
the perspectives of the various stakeholders in language and development.

              Focus areas will include:

              A) Language policy and its relationship to national
               Defining the role of language in nation building
               The role of indigenous and international languages in
			education in developing countries
               Language planning, language choice and multilingualism
               Language education in social and economic development
               Globalisation and language in development
               The role of languages in conflict resolution and regional

              B) The effective design, implementation and evaluation of
		language and literacy curricula in development contexts
               Teaching language in a resource poor environment
               Teacher education
               Using Information Communication Technologies in language
			teaching and learning
               Distance education and its relevance in developing
               Communicative language teaching and cultural differences
               Curriculum reform and textbook development

              C) Development projects and related linguistic issues
               Return on investment from donors' perspective
               Ensuring sustainability
               Gender issues in language and development
               Institutional capacity building
               Facilitating change


              The Conference seeks participation from all those who are
concerned with the role of language and communication in the development

              This conference will be of particular interest to:

               Language and literacy educators, researchers, curriculum
			designers and materials writers
               Those involved in applied linguistics
               International donor agencies
               Project managers, advisors and staff
               Government agencies involved in policy, planning and
               Development studies faculty and students
               Those specifically concerned with the Central Asia region

              Whichever category you fall in to, and no matter what your
experience or position, attending the Conference will provide
opportunities for you to network with around 300 international delegates
and to participate in discussion leading to a greater understanding of the
issues of language and development between all stakeholders.

                       British Council. The United Kingdom's international
organisation for education and cultural relations.

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