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Message 1: EU language planning/policy

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Subject: EU language planning/policy

Dear members of the linguistlist,

This summary pertains to a query (Linguist 14.719) regarding
literature in English on topics in EU language policy suitable for
non-native speakers of English (first-year students). Thanks to all
who responded for their kind help. Below is a list of the books and
websites that were recommended:

Barbour, Stephen & Cathie Carmichael (eds.). (2000) Language and
nationalism in Europe. Oxford University Press.

Burteisen, Julia. (1998/1999) Die europaeische und franzoesische
Sprachenpolitik anhand der Sprachenfrage in der Europaeischen Union:
Analyse der Problematik und Loesungsansaetze. MA thesis,
Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin (contains a good bibliography).

Cenoz, Jasone & Jessner, Ulrike (eds.). English in Europe: The
acquisition of a third language. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Coulmas, Florian (ed.). (1991) A language policy for the European
Community: Prospects and quandries. Mouton de Gruyter)

Guus, Extra & Gorter, Durk (eds.). (2001) The other languages of
Europe: Demographic, sociolinguistic and educational
perspectives. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Hoffman, Charlotte (ed.). (1996) Language, culture and communication
in contemporary Europe. Multilingual Matters.

Shuibhne, Niahm Nic. (2002) EC law and minority language policy:
Culture, citizenship and fundamental rights. Kluwer Law International.

Wagner, Emma; Bech, Svend & Martnez, Jess M. (2002) Translating for
the European Union institutions. Manchester: St. Jerome.

Wright, Sue. (2000) Community and communication: The role of language
in nation state building and European integration. Clevedon, UK:
Multilingual Matters.

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