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Title: Language Policy Evaluation and the European Charter for
       Regional or Minority Languages

Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Author: FranCois  Grin


This book proposes an innovative treatment of minority language policies,
by looking at them as policy options that can be methodically evaluated.
The author applies the analytical concepts and technical tools of policy
analysis to guide the reader through a step-by-step application of notions
such as effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, with particular reference to
the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.  The thrust of
this book is deeply interdisciplinary, and links the evaluation exercise
to sociolinguistic, political and legal considerations.


1 Topicality - Not all countries in Europe have signed up to the Charter
as yet; it's a legislative tool with very broad implications 2 Topicality
- Recent political upheaval and migration within Eastern Europe and
minority nationalist movements in countries in Western Europe put language
planning and protection for minority languages high up the political
agenda 3 Originality - This approach quite different from other books, as
it stresses concepts from economics and social policy analysis rather than
concepts of law and rights 4 First major analysis of the implementation of
the Charter 5 Includes the full text of Charter, commentary, Flensburg
recommendations and a selection of internet resources to enable reader to
use the book as a self-contained resource


Preface and Acknowledgements
PART I:  Core Issues and Concepts
Introduction and Overview
Language Policy
PART II: The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
The Charter:  An Overview
Implementing the Charter: Organisational Issues
PART III:  Application
>>From Legal Texts to 'Good Policy'
Costs and Cost-Effectiveness
A Walk-Through Example: Language Education Policy
Assessment and Perspectives
Appendices: The Text of the Charter; Explanatory Report on the
Charter; The Flensburg Recommendations; Selected Internet Resources


FRANCOIS GRIN is Senior Lecturer at the University of Geneva and
Adjunct Director of the University of Geneva's Education Research
Unit.  He has served as the Deputy Director of the European Centre for
Minority Issues in Germany and taught in Canada and in the United
States. He is the author of numerous publications in language and
education policy evaluation.

Hardback: ISBN: 1403900329, Pages: 272, Price: GBP50.00 $78.00

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