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Subject: International Pragmatics Conference on Linguistic Pluralism

Please circulate this notice

of the International Pragmatics Association

which will be held as planned in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

13-18 July 2003

Linguistic pluralism : policies, practices and pragmatics

The invited speakers are:
Susan GAL (Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Chicago),
Language ideologies and the practices of power:
"Reading between the lines" during the Cold War

Jocelyn LÉTOURNEAU (Département d'histoire, Univ. Laval, Québec),
La langue comme lieu de mémoire et lieu de passage /
Language as realm of memory and passage

Lorenza MONDADA (Sciences du Langage, Univ. Lumière, Lyon, France),
Scientific knowledge as an interactional accomplishment:
On the analysis of research groups in international networks

Eni ORLANDI (Univ. Estadual de Campinas, Brazil),
Le Discours en tant qu´objet spécifique dans l´histoire des Sciences
du Langage /Discourse as a specific object in the history of Language

Dan SPERBER (CNRS, Paris, France)
Relevance theory: Pragmatics and beyond

Ruth WODAK (Inst. für Sprachwissenschaft, Univ. of Vienna, Austria),
European language policies and European identities
There will be panel discussions on the following topics:

Advance reduced rate registration is possible until June 1, 2003.
Details about the conference at:

Other topics to be covered , inside or outside the boundaries of the
special theme, include:
- Current issues in interlanguage pragmatics
- Discursive approaches to cultural comparison: China, France, Greece,
Japan, U.K., U.S.A.
- Ethnographic perspectives on schooling in global times
- Ideologies and language practices in immigrant services--Indigenous
language stability and change
- Language and style as indexes to social identity
- Language ideologies in contexts of immigration
- Languages and emotions: A cross-linguistic perspective
- Languaging and language practices: Multilingual Turkish speakers in
North Western Europe
- L'image des langues moniritaires
- Politics of language and the linguist
- The intersection of institutional policies and local ideologies:
Language socialization practices in multilingual communities
- Approaches to genre
- Approaches to spoken interaction
- Argument cultures
- Class, identity and literacy: Ethnographic and discourse-analytic
- Court trial discourse past and present
- Current issues in the diachronic micropragmatics of the Romance
- 'Doing teaching' inside and outside of the classroom: A conversation
analytic perspective
- Emotive communication: Some observations from 'expressionless'
- Exploring the relationship among culture, interaction and language:
Contributions from Japanese
- From the speaker's point of view: Discourse of the elderly in Japan
and U.S.
- Gender in standard and regional Japanese
- Historical discourse pragmatics
- Institutional order and facing social and cultural change:
Interactive language in the internet: Written, spoken, or a third
- Key concepts in the co-construction of meaning in dialogue
- Lexical markers of common grounds
- Linguistic resources for organizing talk-in-interaction: referential
expressions and topic-related constructions
- Mainstream American media: Playin' in/with the dark
- Making arguments in conversation,
- Masculinity in the plural: Discourse analyses of men's identity
- New directions in the study of institutional interaction
- Nouveaux développements dans les recherches sur les relations de
discours et leurs marqueurs
- Po(i)nts de liaisons, lignes de fractures: Entre la langue
maternelle et les langues autres
- Positioning self and others & being positioned: The construction of
self and identity in discourse
- Pragmatic development in cultural perspective
- Pragmatics and communication impairment
- Prosodie et discours/discourse and prosody
- Relevance and lexical pragmatics
- Talk and social development: Studies in developmental pragmatics
- Temporality in post-Gricean pragmatics
- The analysis of action and discourse in the workplace
- The politics of educational development: Literacy and discursive
- The pragmatics of metarepresentation in a cross-linguistic
- Toward a reconceptualization of 'multicompetence' --Turn
continuation in cross-linguistic perspective
- Understanding actions
- Basil Bernstein and pragmatics: Class, codes and language
- Bourdieu and ethnography,
- The pragmatics of institutional discourse: A panel honoring the work
of Aaron V. Cicourel
- A pragmatic approach to keywords: Extending and assessing the work
of Raymond Williams

Jef Verschueren
IPrA Research Center
University of Antwerp
Universiteitsplein 1
B-2610 Wilrijk
tel. +32-3-8202773, fax & tel. +32-3-2305574
jef.verschueren at ua.ac.be

also visit the IPrA website at http://ipra-www.uia.ac.be/ipra/

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