Language Rights and the Law in the United States

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Tue May 20 12:35:21 UTC 2003

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 Language Rights and the Law in the United States: Finding our Voices
Series Title: Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: Multilingual Matters

Author: Sandra  Del Valle

Hardback: ISBN: 1853596540, Pages: 362, Price:
Paperback: ISBN: 1853596582, Pages: 362, Price:


This book is provides a comprehensive review of the legal status of
minority languages in the U.S.  It also provides the historical and
political context for the legal manoeuvring that culminated in
landmark civil rights victories.  All of the major cases in the
U.S. concerning language rights are discussed in detail and in an
easily accessible manner to the non-legal audience.  The topics range
from the English-only movement to consumer law, employment
discrimination to international law.

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