LPRU Update - New Article by James Crawford, "Hard Sell: Why Is B ilingual Education So Unpopular with the American Public?"

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The Language Policy Research Unit has just posted the following new article
from James Crawford.

The article may be viewed at:

Hard Sell: Why Is Bilingual Education So Unpopular with the American Public?

James Crawford

....While attention has been paid to the rhetoric of English-only
proponents, arguments supporting bilingual education have rarely been
subjected to analysis.This paper will seek to remedy that omission,
exploring the ways in which bilingual education has been framed by the
program's advocates as well as its critics, and the relative success or
failure of these approaches. It will begin with a brief overview of voter
attitudes toward bilingual education before campaign arguments have been
heard. It will consider opposing hypotheses about sources of opposition to
the program. It will analyze the various paradigms that have been used to
explain bilingual education and evaluate the strategies that have been used
to resist English-only campaigns. It will conclude with some recommendations
on improving advocacy for language-minority students.


LPRU, under the direction of Terrence G. Wiley, with assistance from Senior
Researcher Wayne E. Wright, promotes research and policy analysis on the
challenges and opportunities posed by national and global multilingualism.
LPRU priorities include: a) interdisciplinary studies to promote equitable
language policies in education and society; b) demographic studies with
policy implications for language rights and preservation; c) historical and
contemporary studies on language contact, conflict, and minority language
accommodation and promotion; d) and media, legal and legislative analyses to
inform public discourse and policy making in state, national, and
international contexts.

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