Research on bilingualism in child language development

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Well -- lots of people. You could refer her to The Linguist List, where
there is an FAQ on bilingualism (including references) in
'Ask-a-linguist' and where there was a recent Linguistlist posting that
generated a reading list.

Probably the best place to start reading is:

Bialystok, Ellen. 2001. Bilingualism in development: language, literacy
and cognition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

There are also several relevant chapters in

Bishop, Dorothy & Kay Mogford (eds) Language Development in exceptional
circumstances. Hove / Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. (including
one on bilingualism by Genesee).

Another excellent and recent chapter by Genesee is:

Genesee, Fred. 2003. Rethinking bilingual acquisition. In Jean-Marc
Dewaele, Alex Housen & Li Wei (eds.). Bilingualism: Beyond Basic
Principles. Festschrift in honour of Hugo Baetens Beardsmore. Clevedon:
Multilingual Matters, 204-228.

Most introductions to bilingualism (such as Suzanne Romaine's) and most
introductions to language acquisition (such as Susan Foster-Cohen's)
include summaries of such research.


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> Hello all,
> I got the following question from a student:
> "Who has done research in the area of bilingual language
> development in
> normal children? in children with disorders?"
> I'd appreciate advice from the group in giving a 'state of
> the art' answer to this question.
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